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Memorial items 

As time goes on following a loss, we as loss parents still look for ways to remember our babies throughout the years. There are many special items to consider like a Christmas ornament, a necklace with babies footprints, a tattoo, planting a tree in memory of our baby.

See below some ideas and links where you can find an item to remember your baby.


Christmas ornaments

Often times, the holidays are a hard time for those grieving a loss, even years later. Remembering your baby at Christmas time by purchasing an ornament for your tree can be a special idea.

To purchase the pictured ornament visit the Etsy shop HERE

Footprint Necklace

If you were able to get a copy of your baby's footprint(s) this can be a very special way have something to remember your baby close by every day. 

To order this necklace visit the ETSY shop HERE


Plant a tree in memory of your baby

What a special way to remember your baby. You can watch your tree grow each year and have a special place to visit and remember them.

Get a tattoo to remember your baby

A tattoo is with you forever. There are many special symbols and sayings that remind us of our babies. Many tattoo artists can do a great job at turning your vision into something special.

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