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Honor Your Baby

Keep Your Baby's Memory Alive

Losing a baby is one of the most heartbreaking and traumatic events a parent can face. Often times parents long for a way to honor and remember their babies. Below are some suggestions on ways to keep

your baby's memory alive.


Incorporate your baby in family pictures. This can be done with a special bear, piece of clothing, picture frame or even having a shadow edited into the photo.


Plant a tree or plant in memory of your baby. Create a memorial garden and ask others to paint rocks or stepping stones to remember your baby with you.


Decorate their grave on special occasions and for the change of seasons.


Order a special piece of remembrance jewelry with your baby's name or birthstone on it.


Light a candle. This can be done on special occasions like birthdays, holidays and the National Wave of Light, October 15th.


Make a charitable donation in your baby's name. You can donate to a special non-profit that helps other loss families, a local NICU or birth care center, or another organization close to your heart.


Participate in a remembrance walk, balloon release, butterfly release or other remembrance events.


Create a memorial table or shelf at your house. Fill it with ultrasound pictures, memorial jewelry or other items that remind you of your baby.


Perform random acts of kindness. Create cards to hand out and encourage others to do something kind for others in your baby's memory.


Get a tattoo as a way to have something permanent to honor your baby.


Hang a stocking for them at Christmas time. Write a letter to your baby to put inside on Christmas morning.


Talk about them! Share their story with others.

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