Giving Families the Gift of Time.

Our dream is to have a CuddleCot in every birthing hospital. We know first hand the importance of this device for families facing the unthinkable loss of a baby. To date, we have helped provide CuddleCots to two hospitals in Waterloo, Iowa, one in Manchester, Iowa, one in Ames, Iowa and one in Des Moines, Iowa

The Flexmort CuddleCot gives grieving parents the gift of time when dealing with the death of a baby. The CuddleCot keeps the baby cool in a basket next to the mother, providing the essential time to grieve. It is internationally recognized and encouraged by midwives and stillbirth support groups. Since 2014, over 700 hospitals across US and Canada have tried, tested and helped bereaved families with CuddleCot. Traditionally, a still birth baby would almost immediately be sent to morgue, however, it is now widely acknowledged that the best practice is to allow the family the choice to spend additional time with their baby. to allow this grieving time and to prevent the baby's body from deteriorating, the CuddleCot keeps the baby cool in a basket next to mom providing the gift of time. (CuddleCot Website)

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