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Medical Staff Support

Having consistent and compassionate care for loss families when they are in the midst of miscarriage, stillbirth and pregnancy loss is crucial. We want to help medical staff who provide direct care for bereaved families the resources and confidence to give every family the opportunity to create beautiful memories.

Memory Making & Bereavement Support

Having set procedures for memory making in place for perinatal loss families will allow nursing staff the confidence and guidance to offer consistent and compassionate opportunities for special mementos and remembrance items. Hand and foot prints and molds are often the most cherished items loss parents have to remember their baby with.

Memory Making Kits

Our memory making kits include inkless pads, stock card, air-dry clay, small rolling pins and a checklist for nursing staff to consistently offer memory making items to every loss family. 

Bereavement Boxes 

Leaving the labor and delivery unit with empty arms is a devastating experience. The items in our Love&Loss Care Boxes will provide the family with special items to remember their baby with. Our heartbeat teddies and other items included have been thoughtfully and intentionally added  with input from other loss parents.

Miscarriage Boxes

Our Forget-Me-Not Miscarriage Boxes are given to expectant moms presenting to a clinic or ER for miscarriage. These items are meant to remind women their baby (no matter how far along) is acknowledged and matters.

Bereavement Education

Having the confidence and education to interact with loss parents is crucial for providing compassionate care. There are organizations that provide online and in-person training for medical staff. 

To learn more about our creation of a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Bereavement Training for nurses program and for updates email



If your hospital or clinic is interested in partnering with us for any of the above items, fill out the contact form and we will be in touch soon!

We will be in touch soon!

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