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Resources to Help a Grieving Heart

There are many resources available for parents  facing pregnancy and infant loss. Below are some companies that have great products and resources

to help your grieving heart.


Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Infant Remembrance Photography


The mission of NILMDTS is to introduce remembrance 

photography to parents suffering the loss of a baby with a free gift of professional portraiture.

Molly Bears

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 10.15.36

Molly Bears is a non-profit organization that creates weighted teddy bears for families coping with infant loss.

The Cooper Project

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 10.18.24

The Cooper Project provides handmade necklaces to mothers who have lost a child through stillbirth or infant loss.

Birth Injury Center


Our mission is to assist anyone who has been affected by a birth injury, and our website is a compilation of information around the different types of injuries. Did you know that stillbirths are the 5th leading cause of death worldwide? To see our organization and the information we wrote that goes into detail on this global problem check out the link below:

Looking for more ways

to honor your baby?

  • From Sorrow to Serenity,  Susan Fletcher

  • Coping with Holidays and Celebrations,  S. Ilse

  • Empty Arms,  S. Ilse

  • Healing Together,  S. Lovell

  • I Will Carry You,  Angie Smith

  • Empty Cradle Broken Heart,  Deborah L. Davis

  • Grieving the Child I Never Knew,  Kathe Wunnenberg

  • I'll Hold You in Heaven,  Jack Hayford

  • Anchored, a Bible Study,  Erin Cushman

  • Miscarriage - A Shattered Dream,  Ilse and Burns

  • Motherhood and Mourning,  Pepper and Knapp

  • Pregnancy Loss - Finding the Light,  G. Vogel

  • This Little While,  Johnson

  • When a Baby Dies,  Kohnen and Henley

  • When Hello Means Goodbye,  Schwiebert and Kirk

  • Forever Our Angels,  H. Stone

  • Miscarriage: Women Sharing From the Heart,  Allen and Marks

  • Remembering with Love,  E. Levang

  • Yesterday I Dreamed of Dreams,  M. Minnick

Children's Books
  • Aarvy Aardvard Finds Hope,  D. O'Toole

  • Am I Still a Sister,  A. Sims

  • No New Baby,  M. Gryte

  • Something Happened,  C. Blanford

  • We Had an Angel Instead,  P. Schweiebert

  • Big Brother to an Angel,  H. Hunt

  • The Invisible String,  Patrice Karst









Facebook Pages
  • The Love and Loss Project

  • The Love and Loss Landing Page

  • Hope Mommies

  • Grieving Parents Support Network

  • May We All Heal

  • Infant Loss Support

  • Brave Mamas

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