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Certificate of Life

A certificate of life is a beautiful way to show your love for your baby.

They were part of you. Their life, no matter how short, matters. 

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Love Loss Care Box.png
Thinking of You (1).png

Our Love&Loss boxes are made to provide love and comfort items for those going through pregnancy or infant loss.

Our Thinking of You boxes offere a way to remember a loved one's loss.


This device gives the gift of time to parents facing hardship. Our dream is to have a CuddleCot in every birthing hospital.

Keep Your Baby's Memory Alive

Looking for ways to honor and remember your baby? 

We made a list of things that have helped others.

Looking for someone

who can relate to your  situation?

Check out our list of helpful resources. 

Helpful Articles

We can relate to what you're going through.

Let's Connect
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