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"At 36 weeks pregnant I had a placenta abruption caused by untreated preeclampsia after an otherwise healthy pregnancy. Once my symptoms became severe, I knew deep down that my baby was gone. After arriving at the hospital I received an ultrasound to confirm the unthinkable, our son Knox no longer had a heartbeat and would be born sleeping. So many thoughts went through my head about what was going to happen to my baby once he was born. We wanted to spend as much time with him as possible and the Cuddle Cot was presented to us shortly after delivery. We learned that a family had donated it in memory of their child who was also born sleeping. Although we were living our worst nightmare, we were given the privilege to be the first family to use the Cuddle Cot since it was donated to the hospital. The Cuddle Cot is important to us because we were able to keep our son in our room with us the entire time we were in the hospital and create memories with him that we otherwise would not have been able. The cot looks like a bassinet and has a cooling function so we could place him in there to give his precious body a break. We think it is important to not only honor our son in anyway possible, but to also help give back to families who are going through one of the most difficult things they will ever endure." -Kayleigh Stamp

Help us provide a CuddleCot to a hospital in need. These devices allow families the gift of time...time to make memories, time for family to meet baby and time to say goodbye. Your donation and support are greatly appreciated.


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